Customise Your Videos

What is a template video

Digital signage templates offer a solid foundation for adding logos, images or text to your marketing videos. They are the perfect solution if your business is looking to add any form of customised content to your digital screens and displays. Using templates make the customisation process as painless as possible and the end result really can be just like a television advertisement. Imagine how impressive this would look playing on the digital signage in your business!

How it works

Help companies
Browse our online catalog of industry-specific marketing templates
Video content
Send us the images and text you’d like to incorporate into the template
Regular updates
We craft unique videos that you download and play on your digital signage

Examples of template videos

Product Carousel 
Our product carousels are broadcast-grade and just like grocery store advertisements that you would see on TV.  They are a great solution for retailers that want to promote regularly updated promotional offers on shopfront or internal screens.

Text Heavy 
When you have a lot of text that you want to incorporate into your digital signage messaging, it is important not to distract viewers with too much animation. Templates that feature motion graphics as a background element work best.

Social Media 
Whichever industry you are involved in, raising your social media following is a must for growing the business. Our animated templates are great for promoting your social media credentials and driving traffic to the sites.

Elegant Presentation
If the products or services that you offer require a more sophisticated form of marketing presentation than a product carousel, we produce a series of templates that range from elegant to modern in design style.

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