A roadmap for your digital signage content


A roadmap for your digital signage content

A Sign of the Times

The internet of things is here, and network connectivity is being applied to a vast range of everyday objects. The speed of change in all things tech can often be breathtaking, and this evolutionary process is playing out at a similar pace in the world of digital signage.

Displays will play a huge role in defining how the near future looks and functions for many, and forward looking businesses are able to take advantage of some of the benefits of the technology right now. If you have a vision for how digital signage can be applied in your business, we are able to assist in key areas of the implementation process.

Don’t Forget the Content

The first step in any successful digital signage project requires aligning particular business objectives with the platform that is needed to deliver them. Practically speaking, you will always need  3 key elements - hardware, software and content -  to work perfectly in unison in order to deliver expected returns no matter the scale of the project.

Blending Technology and Design

At Screen Kinetics, we pride ourselves on a technology-led approach to the creative content that we produce. Understanding the software and hardware that drives digital signage displays allows us to produce creative content that is simply more effective for your business.


If you haven’t decided whether a 2 screen digital menuboard or a 3 screen menuboard would be the right choice for your restaurant, talk to us! We can offer impartial advice on content ideas and how this should translate into the platform choices that you make.


As a platform-neutral content provider, we are also happy to co-ordinate with your preferred equipment vendors during the tender or implementation stages to assist with the creation of content that will deliver on expected business objectives.

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