Screen content that wows viewers

Digital Signage Content Specialists

As digital signage content specialists, we can craft content for the myriad forms of digital signage equipment in the market. Even better, we understand the technological context within which the content we produce appears. Where we differ from a typical digital marketing agency is that we are always cognisant of the physical location and limitations of the display equipment that you are using whilst incorporating animation into the overall design.

Optimised for your displays

Designing content for a screen that is viewed from a distance of 6 feet would not be the same as designing content for a screen that is viewed from a distance of 60 feet. Likewise, designing for screens that are fixed in place need consideration of factors such as dwell time and viewing distance of viewers.

Why Animation Matters

In the digital signage world, a degree of movement within the on-screen creative used will make a huge difference to the perceived quality and observation time that your viewers afford your screens. The movement of objects on-screen must be carefully paced, and it is often a case that minimal animation is preferable when designing content that is meant to replace printed signs.

At Screen Kinetics, our forte is in motion graphics animation, which is often the key element that will give your content that wow factor. Motion graphics are particularly useful if you need to adapt any existing print design assets that your business already owns for the digital signage medium.

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