Real-time communications

Keeping stakeholders informed

Implementing digital signage systems into office surroundings is a key consideration for many companies investing in their internal business environment. Suited to many different locations within a typical corporate campus, digital signage and its on-screen content can help reinvent the way many businesses communicate with employees and external stakeholders.

Areas such as the corporate lobby, employee lunchroom and open plan offices can be targeted to display valuable information to all team members as efficiently as possible. And with these systems equipped with the ability to present information directly from sections such as HR and top-level management, such implementations could be vital in boosting productivity and team morale.

Digital Signage Opportunities for Corporations

Internal Staff Messaging

- Using digital signage in tandem with intranet systems maximises the effectiveness of internal messaging.

- Displaying newsworthy or real-time content in parallel with motivational or interesting content will ensure team interest in the screens.

- Screens can also ensure a safe working environment by reinforcing health and safety messages or emergency alerts.

External Stakeholder Messaging

- High quality animation playing on large format videowalls in your building lobby adds to your brand prestige.

- Inform and educate visitors about your corporate structure and values whilst displaying real-time news or corporate information.

- Reduce perceived waiting times for visitors by playing interesting on-screen content.

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