Transforming Dining Experiences

Signage in the Restaurant

As a restaurateur in the food service industry, it is critical that your brand stands out from competitors in a crowded marketplace. Whilst digital signage is not necessarily a universal  fit with all forms of restaurant decor, it can be a key competitive differentiator if the technology synergises with your overall branding and operational goals.

Consequently, the use of digital signage within the fast food and casual dining sector is starting to become quite common. And the growing numbers of restaurants employing digital signage platforms in areas like digital menu boards and self ordering kiosks highlights the fact that the technology is not just a passing trend.

Digital Signage Opportunities for Food & Beverage Operators

Digital Menuboards

- Centrally located digital menu boards facilitate the ability to easily convey full menu detail as well as change pricing.

- Adding motion graphics animation to menuboards increases their effectiveness in drawing attention to promotional offers.

- Minimise food wastage by using end of day advertising to discount expiring or less popular meals.

Front of House

- Replacing traditional marketing collateral's with animated screen content will reduce overall advertising costs.

- Harnessing screens at point of sale areas around kiosks or tills to upsell meals and drinks.

- Screens can be used as a 24 hour messaging tool promoting discounts, special dishes and additional online platforms.

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