Enhancing Visitor Satisfaction

A Perfect Tool for Guest Engagement

As a professional within the hospitality and tourism industry, you are always looking for ways to increase engagement among hotel guests; with the objective being to develop and increase the number of loyal and return followers.

With the industry now beginning to recognise how the use of digital signage can increase sales and enhance visitor satisfaction, the platform is starting to become quite popular among industry leaders. Therefore, employing a skilled design service such as Screen Kinetics to manage, create and communicate valuable information to your guests could help increase the overall versatility of your offering.

Digital Signage Opportunities for Hospitality Businesses

Hotel Lobby

- Replacing printed posters with screens in high traffic guest areas are a great way of reducing unnecessary waste and overall advertising costs.

- Using motion graphics promotional videos is more likely to generate interest from guests on the material.

- Screens can be used as a 24 hour messaging tool promoting official tours, discounts or additional online platforms.


- You can effectively use in-room hotel TV as digital signage to communicate directly with room guests.

- Introducing branded interactive digital TV content adds flexibility to your in-house marketing activities.

- Raise awareness of hotel social media, review platforms or eCommerce links as well as special offers for guests in the local area.


- Digital menuboards are highly effective for hotels that cater for significant numbers of diners in their dining facilities.

- Easily communicate with guests in outdoor areas by installing weatherproof high brightness displays.

- Harnessing screens at service points around a hotel provides the ability to upsell products and services.

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