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What is a prebuilt video

Our prebuilt digital signage videos offer the perfect solution if you are looking for the quickest way of getting broadcast quality content on your screens.

We have a library of marketing videos that are tailored for usage in a wide range of business scenarios. Whether you are looking for simple ‘sale’ signs for your retail store or motivational messages for your office, we have content solutions that fit all budgets.

How it works

Help companies
Browse our online catalogue of industry-specific marketing videos
Video content
Select and download the perfect videos for your business
Regular updates
Load the content on to your digital signage and press play

Examples of prebuilt videos

Retailers that install digital signage in storefronts can benefit from using sale ticketing and calls-to-action in a video format. The dynamic nature of our retail ticketing is perfect for grabbing the attention of passers-by.

If you need to quickly update groups of people with information that they should be made aware of, we have a range of animated videos that clearly convey textual data or directions rapidly.

Corporate Messaging
Digital signage in the workplace is an ideal medium for communicating with and motivating team members. We offer a range of inspirational videos that will integrate well in any corporate environment.

Sometimes the best use of your digital signage is for engaging with your customers in an entertaining or amusing manner. Playing marketing videos that they actually enjoy viewing is great in this scenario.


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